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Have a Green Holiday at Waldegraves

Waldegraves Holiday Park is committed to being as green as possible by showing continuous commitment to reducing its environmental impact and protecting the island’s ecosystems. Waldegraves has been awarded a David Bellamy Conservation Gold Award for putting green concerns at the heart of their business for 12 consecutive years. The park is regularly assessed and judged on the steps they are taking to manage their land as a haven for wildlife, reduce their use of energy and water, reduce, reuse and recycle waste and support their local community.

The Park Manager, Chris Parsons, along with his team have worked particularly hard this year to reduce plastic waste on the park. The Granary Restaurant and The Barn & Wheatsheaf Clubhouse have stopped using plastic straws and have been purchasing compostable straws instead, plastic stirrers were replaced with wooden, removing the weekly usage of 2000 plastic stirrers. Plastic bags were replaced with biodegradable paper bags for the take away food in the Restaurant and customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags. What is more, you can now save 20p on every hot takeaway drink served by the barista by bringing your own reusable cup, it just needs to have a lid, be clean and be able to fit into a coffee machine.

Park’s Entertainment Manager, Glen Pacey, believes that by encouraging others you are multiplying the impact. Therefore, he encourages staff to collect the “junk” from their home and departments for his team to use in their recycling crafts. There is a large bag hanging on the back of the office door for plastic bottles, milk jugs, bottle tops, yogurt tubs and anything else that looks like it might be reused in a crafty project on a rainy day. Together with some paint, white glue, a pair of scissors and some imagination, children can come up with some fantastic creations!

David Lord and Chris Parsons also continue to support local communities and charities. This year, alongside other sponsorships, Waldegraves is a Lead Sponsor of the “Proud of Mersea” program which aims to achieve a totally litter-free environment on Mersea Island. The car boot sales & other park’s events such as “Waldegraves Firework Night” raise money for local charities via donations, car parking, etc. Waldegraves largest donation of £2,500 went to Mersea Island Lions Club, this was raised during our community firework event that was held in November 2017.

David, Chris, Glen & their Department teams would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for attending the Park’s 70th Birthday Celebration event on 30th June and hope that everyone had fun and enjoyed their time. The event has raised £275.93 that will go to the local charities. Waldegraves look forward to seeing everyone again at their annual Free Fireworks Display in November.