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Follow the Bear National Lost Child Safety Scheme

We are pleased to announce that we are joining the Follow the Bear National Lost Child Safety Scheme and we will be installing a Lost Child Trail around our park.

Follow the Bear is an independently-owned company run by Parents and Grandparents who understand the importance of keeping children safe when out and about in public.

How does Follow the Bear ® work?

When a child gets lost they should follow the Lost Child Trail featuring our recognisable Freddie Bear design. He has directional arrows on his tummy which children can easily follow, enabling them to find their way to a staff-manned ‘Safety Station’. This is a predefined location or locations suggested by the General Manager / Security Manager.

Once they get there, the member of staff can look at their Silicon ID Wristband, call the Follow the Bear Lost Child Hotline (of which the freephone number is on the wristband) and then give the UK Call Center the child’s unique ID number (also on band). There is no personal information on the band such as phone numbers, names or addresses etc for the sake of the Parent/child’s privacy and security.

The Call Center Operative then calls the Parent/Guardian, whilst keeping the member of staff on the phone and let them know that their child has been found and is being kept safe at the Lost Child Trail ‘Safety Station’. We inform them where the ‘Safety Station’ is and keep all parties on the phone until the child is reunited with the Parent/Guardian.



Please visit Follow the Bear website for more information.


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